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Nov 22, 2011 at 03:08 PM

File to multiple IDOC split without BPM


Hi expert,

I have a flat file to IDOC scenario. In flat file, I have thousands of rows. Each row need to create one IDOC. In IDOC, I have 3 segments(seg2 is the child of seg1, seg3 is the child of seg2). Each field in flat file will be mapped to the same name in IDOC. Here is my example structure:

seg1a --0:1
seg1b --0:1
seg2a - 0:1
seg2b - 0:1
seg3a - 0:1
seg3b - 0:1

IDOC - 0:unbounded
  seg1 - 1:1
    seg1a - 0:1
    seg1b - 0:1
    seg2 - 0:unbounded
      seg2a - 0:1
      seg2b - 0:2
      seg3 - 0:unbounded
      seg3a - 0:1
      seg3b - 0:1

I mapped row to IDOC. It did create multiple IDOCs. But each IDOC only contain seg1. Then I mapped row to seg2 and seg3 node. The first IDOC has three segments and the rest still only have seg1. And in first IDOC, the seg1 is filled correct. seg2 and seg3 have multiple records. Can anyone tell me how I do mapping without using BPM for this case to make each IDOC has one seg1, one seg2 and one seg3?

Thanks a lot.


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