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Former Member
Nov 22, 2011 at 02:43 PM

Error when adding Activity Type to Operation on Tasklist


We set our Key date back a year on creation of a tasklist. However, when I try to enter the Activity Type on the Operation I get: "Fiscal Year for date XX/XX/XXXX could not be calculated" where the date is minus one year from today. I checked with the Finance guy here and he has never seen this nor has any idea why it would be displayed. He goggled it and got nothing. He went to SAP support and got nothing. Could find no help at all on that error. Weird. Additionally, we have done this same thing in an earlier client and DID NOT receive this error. It worked fine.

So, has anyone had any experience with this? Any thoughts on the cause? The Activity type appears to be set up correctly and is consistent with the earlier client. It also has a validity date backdated to 1900.