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Apr 05, 2005 at 02:59 PM

Testing the sample adapter



I have successfully deployed the SAP sample adapter (in a new package). Now I'm trying to realize the testing like described in the SAP online-help. But I don't think it's working all right.

In the AdapterTypeMetaData I've added a global parameter "adapterStatus" and for each inbound and outbound the parameters for directory and filename. Each, I've added the transport protocol "File" and the message protocol "File", too.

When the adapter is working, first it reads the input file correctly, but after that I don't know the right way to configure the required loop.

My questions:

Do I have to send the input data via an XI adapter to the pck?

How Do I realize that the input data will come back to the adapter so that I can write them to the output file?

Thanks for your answers.