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Nov 22, 2011 at 10:07 AM

Submit data macro question


Hi All

I have a very simple requirement but schedule is not working as I expect and is driving me nuts. Hope you can help me.

A very simple schedule with submit button. Also my row expansion has insert member option.

User can open the schedule and can insert new rows and enter data in the row. user can also go and modify the existing rows data to 0. On submit what i expect is the schedule to send data, expand and refresh data.

It has to send data

It has to expand because i want it to sort the rows as user mayn't have inserted in the right place. Also as I want the rows to be suppressed, if the user has entered 0 in any of other rows those rows should be hidden.

Hence my submit button should send data and expand. I am using below in the button assign macro.

Behavior i am seeing is, It sends the data, removes all the newly added rows and keeps the data where 0 was entered.

When we click the second button - "Refresh" which is essentially same as the second macro here, it then expands with new rows, hides the 0 rows and sorts properly.

I am not sure what is going on. If it is executing both the macros, user shouldn't have to click on the refresh button after submit button. How do i make both the macros run on click of submit button.

We are on 7.5 NW SP6

Submit Button



Refresh Button