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default printers in sap?

Hello Experts,

what are the default printers in SAP?

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    Posted on Nov 22, 2011 at 06:10 PM


    If you want to find the default printers.

    Goto SPAD transcation code and Output devices select the display button.

    It will show you printer.

    I hope it will help you.


    Kiran .V

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    Posted on Nov 22, 2011 at 10:03 AM

    Put this sting in google - 'default printers in sap', you will get several documents.

    Using SU3 you maintain the default printer - the printer where your sap prints go by 'default'


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  • Posted on Nov 22, 2011 at 10:06 AM


    Based on your SAP ECC release you will have certain standard device types available. For ECC 6.0 EHP4 below is the list of device types available.

    /KYK/PDF PDF ISO Latin-1 4.6D+

    ARCHLINK SAP ArchiveLink Archiver

    ARCHUTF8 SAP ArchiveLink Unicode UTF-8

    ARM205 Sharp AR-M205 R4.5+

    ARM276 Sharp AR-M276 R4.5+

    ARM450 Sharp AR-M450 R4.5+

    ARM550 Sharp AR-M550U R4.5+

    ARSWIN Arabic SWIN SAPLPD 6.23+

    ASCIIPRI Some generic ASCII printer

    AZPL203 ZPL203 for PDF documents only

    AZPL300 ZPL300 for PDF documents only

    BRHL Brother HL Series R4.5+ ONLY

    CAN105 CANON iR105 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CAN22 CANON iR2200 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CAN2220 CANON iR2220/3320 PCL5 4.5A+

    CAN400 CANON iR330-400 PCL5 4.5+ONLY!

    CAN5 CANON iR5000 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CAN5020 CANON iR5020/6020 PCL5 4.5A+

    CAN85 CANON iR8500 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CANC32 CANON iRC3200 PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!


    CN105PS CANON iR105 PS 4.5+ONLY!

    CN2220P CANON iR2220/3320 PS 4.5A+

    CN2270 CANON iR2270 PCL5 4.5A+

    CN2270P CANON iR2270 PS 4.5A+

    CN22PS CANON iR2200/3300 PS 4.5+ONLY!

    CN400PS CANON iR330-400 PS 4.5+ONLY!

    CN5020P CANON iR5020/6020 PS 4.5A+

    CN5PS CANON iR5000-6000 PS 4.5+ONLY!

    CN85PS CANON iR8500 PS 4.5+ONLY!

    CNC3100 CANON iRC3100 PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CNC31E CANON iRC3100 EFI PCL5 4.5A+

    CNC31EP CANON iRC3100 EFI PS 4.5A+

    CNC31PS CANON iRC3100 PS R4.5A+ONLY!

    CNC3220 CANON iRC3220 PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!

    CNC322E CANON iRC3220 EFI PCL5 4.5A+

    CNC322EP CANON iRC3220 EFI PS 4.5A+

    CNC322P CANON iRC3220 PS R4.5A+ONLY!

    CNC6800 CANON iRC6800/5800 PCL5 4.5A+

    CNC68E CANON iRC6800 EFI PCL5 4.5A+

    CNC68EP CANON iRC6800 EFI PS 4.5A+

    CNC68PS CANON iRC6800/5800 PS 4.5A+

    CNEPSON Chinese Epson 1600 Dot Matrix

    CNHPLJ4 HP LaserJet PCL-5 Simp.Chinese

    CNLX522 Lexmark T522 Simplif. Chinese

    CNPDF PDF Converter Simplif. Chinese

    CNSAPWIN MS Windows driver via SAPLPD

    CNSPOST Chinese PostScript printing

    COMPU960 Bull Compuprint 960/970

    DECLA75P DEC LA75Plus matrix printer

    DECLN07 DEClaser1100/DEC LN07 printer

    DL2130 Dell 2130cn PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!

    DL2135 Dell 2135cn PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!

    DL2335 Dell 2335dn

    DL3100 Dell 3100cn PCL5 R4.5+

    DL3100P Dell 3100cn PS R4.5+

    DL3130 Dell 3130cn PCL5 R4.5A+ONLY!

    DL3130P Dell 3130cn PS R4.5A+ONLY!

    DL5100 Dell 5100cn PCL5 R4.5+

    DL5100P Dell 5100cn PS R4.5+

    DL5330 Dell 5330dn

    EPESCP EPSON ESC/P 24/48-pin printer

    EPESCP2 EPSON ESC/P2 printer

    EPESCP9 EPSON ESC/P 9-pin printer

    EPLQ550 EPSON LQ-550


    GAMMAFAX Gammafax Telefax

    GRAPHICS General device for graphics

    HKHPLJ4 HP LaserJet PCL-5 HongKong Chi

    HKPDF HKSCS PDF (Adobe Reader V 6)

    HKSAPWIN MS Windows driver via SAPLPD

    HP1160 HP LaserJet 1160 R4.5+

    HP1200 HP LaserJet 1200 R4.x+

    HP1320 HP LaserJet 1320 R4.5+

    HP2200 HP LaserJet 2200 R4.x+

    HP2250 HP Inkjet 2250 R4.x+

    HP23 HP LaserJet 2300 R4.5+

    HP2300 HP 2300 printer series

    HP2430 HP LaserJet 2430 R4.5+

    HP2500 HP 2500C+ (PCL5) R4.x+

    HP256X HP 256X printer series

    HP2930 HP 2930 printer

    HP3000 HP business inkjet 3000 R4.5+

    HP3030 HP LaserJet 3030 R4.5+

    HP3200 HP LaserJet 3200 R4.x+

    HP3700 HP Color LJ 3700 R4.5+

    HP4100 HP LaserJet 4100 R4.x+

    HP4250 HP LJ 4250 R4.5+

    HP4300 HP LJ 4300/LJ 4200 R4.5+

    HP4345 HP LaserJet 4345mfp R4.5+

    HP4350 HP LJ 4350dtnsl R4.5+

    HP4550 HP LaserJet 4550 R4.5+

    HP4600 HP Color LJ 4600 R4.5+

    HP4650 HP Color LJ 4650 R4.5+

    HP5000 HP LaserJet 5000 R4.x+

    HP5100 HP LaserJet 5100 R4.5+

    HP5500 HP Color LJ 5500 R4.5+

    HP5550 HP Color LJ 5550 R4.5+


    HP8150 HP LaserJet 8150 R4.x+

    HP8550 HP LaserJet 8550 R4.5+

    HP9000 HP LaserJet 9000 R4.x+

    HP9040 HP LaserJet 9040mfp R4.5+

    HP9050 HP LaserJet 9050mfp R4.5+

    HP9055 HP LaserJet 9055mfp R4.5+

    HP9065 HP LaserJet 9065mfp R4.5+

    HP9500 HP Color LJ 9500 R4.5+

    HP9500M HP Color LJ 9500mfp R4.5+

    HP9850 HP 9850mfp R4.5+

    HPBI23 HP business inkjet 2300 R4.x+

    HPDJ500 HP DeskJet 500

    HPDJ660 HP DeskJet 660C

    HPDJ850 HP DeskJet 850C

    HPGL Bus.Graphics: HP/GL plotter

    HPLJ1100 HP Laserjet 1100 R4.6C+ONLY!

    HPLJ4 HP Laserjet 4 series PCL-5

    HPLJ4000 HP Laserjet 4000 R4.5A+ONLY!

    HPLJ5 HP Laserjet 5 R4.x+ ONLY!

    HPLJ5SI HP Laserjet 5 Si

    HPLJ8000 HP Laserjet 8000 R4.5A+ONLY!

    HPLJ9050 HP LaserJet 9050 R4.5+

    HPLJIIID HP Laserjet 3 series PCL-5

    HPLJMI HP LaserJet 4 w.JetCAPS MICR

    HPLJSTND HP Laserjet 2,3: driver STN2

    HPLJ_II HP LaserJet 2 series PCL-4

    HPOJ9130 HP officejet 9130 R4.x+

    HPUTF8 HP LaserJet UTF-8

    I2HP4 HP LJ 4 series Latin 2 charset

    I2HPPS HP PS Latin-2 (note 575916)

    I2PDF Latin2 PDF 4.6C+(needsTTFfont)

    I2SPOST PostScript-Printer ISO Latin 2

    I2SWIN Rel 3.0E/SAPlpd 4.00 Latin-2

    I4SWIN Rel 620/SAPlpd 6.21 Baltic

    I5LEX Cyrillic Lexmark T522 4.0B+

    I5PDF Cyrillic PDF 46C+(needs TTFs)

    I5SPOST PostScript-Printer ISO 8859-5

    I6SWIN Arabic SWIN saplpd 4.22+

    I7HP4 LJ4200Greek FontDIMM 4.6B

    I7PDF Greek PDF 4.6C+(needs TTFfont)

    I7SPOST PostScript-Printer ISO 8859-7

    I7SWIN Greek SWIN ISO 8859-7

    I8HPLJ4 HP LJ 4 series Hebrew 8


    I8OKI341 OKI Microline 3410 EPSON EMUL.

    I8SWIN Rel 3.0E/SAPlpd 4.00 Hebrew

    I9HP4 HP LJ 4 series ISO 8859/9

    I9PDF Turkish PDF 4.6C+(needs TTFont

    I9SPOST PostScript-Printer ISO 8859-9

    I9SWIN Rel 3.0E/SAPlpd 4.00 Turkey

    IBM239X IBM238x/239x IBM emulation

    IBM4226 IBM 4226 IBM emulation

    IBM4232 IBM 4232-302 Printer 4202 EMUL

    IBM4247 IBM 4247 (4247 Emul.)

    IBM6400 IBM 6400 P-Series Emul.


    IBMIP12 IBM Infoprint 12 R4.X+ONLY!

    IBMIP21 IBM Infoprint 21 R4.x+ONLY!

    IBMIP2K IBM Infoprint 2000 R4.X+ONLY!

    IBMIP32 IBM Infoprint 32,40 R4.X+ONLY!

    IBMIP60 IBM Infoprint 60 R4.X+ONLY!

    IBMIP70 IBM Infoprint 70 R4.X+ONLY!

    IBMNP IBM InfoPrint 20 R4.x+ ONLY!

    IBMSCS IBM SCS Printer

    IBMSCS2 IBM SCS Printer

    IP2060 IBM Infoprint 2060 PCL5 R4.5x+

    IP2060P IBM Infoprint 2060 PS R4.5x+

    IP2075 IBM Infoprint 2075 PCL5 R4.5x+

    IP2075P IBM Infoprint 2075 PS R4.5x+

    IP2085 IBM Infoprint 2085 PCL5 R4.5x+

    IP2085P IBM Infoprint 2085 PS R4.5x+

    IP2090 IBM Infoprint2090ES PCL R4.5x+

    IP2090P IBM Infoprint2090ES PS R4.5x+

    IP2105 IBM Infoprint 2105 PCL5 R4.5x+

    IP2105E IBM Infoprint2105ES PCL R4.5x+

    IP2105EP IBM Infoprint2105ES PS R4.5x+

    IP2105P IBM Infoprint 2105 PS R4.5x+

    JP201PL NEC MultiImpact 201PL series

    JP5577 IBM 557x-xxx 5577serial series

    JP5577AP APTi Mxxx 5577serial series

    JP5577JB JBCC 516x-05 5577serial series

    JP5577ME MEMOREX 21xx 5577serial series

    JPARIXOS SAP ArchiveLink Japanese

    JPARLINK SAP ArchiveLink Japanese

    JPASCII Some generic Shift-JIS printer


    JPESCP JIS ESC/P-J84 24/48dot printer

    JPESCPAG EPSON LP-xxxx ESC/Page series



    JPEXPOST Extended-J PostScript printer

    JPEXPST2 Extended-J PS lev.2 printer

    JPFNP Fujitsu VSPxxxx FNP series


    JPHPLJ4 HP LaserJet PCL-5 Japanese

    JPHPLJ40 HP LaserJet PCL-5e Japanese

    JPLIPS3 Canon LBP-xxxx LIPS3 series

    JPLIPS4 Canon LBP-xxxx LIPS4 series

    JPLX522 Lexmark T522 Japanese

    JPNPDL2 NEC MultiWriter NPDL2 series

    JPOPAGES IBM PAGES laser outline series

    JPPAGES IBM 558x-xxx PAGESlaser series

    JPPDF PDF Converter Japanese

    JPPOST Japanese PostScript printer

    JPPOST2 Japanese PS lev.2 printer

    JPPRES Kyocera L-x PRESCRIBE series

    JPPRES2 Kyocera LS-x PRESCRIBE2 series

    JPPRES2E KyoceraLS-x PRESCRIBE2e series

    JPRPDL3 RICOH SP9/10Pro/NX RPDL series

    JPSAPWIN MS-J Windows driver via SAPLPD

    JPSPOST Japanese PostScript printing

    JPXEROX FUJI XEROX CPS printer series

    KO501_J1 bizhub 501 Series PS ShiftJIS

    KOC353J1 bizhub C353 Series PS ShiftJIS

    KOC650A1 bizhub C650 Series PCL

    KOC650J1 bizhub C650 Series PS ShiftJIS

    KPHPLJ4 HP LaserJet PCL-5 Korean

    KPKS EPSON Dot-Matrix KS


    KPLX522 Lexmark T522 Korean

    KPPDF PDF Converter Korean

    KPSAPWIN MS Windows driver via SAPLPD

    KPSPOST Korean PostScript printing

    KYOF1000 Kyocera F-1000 laser printer

    KYOF10I2 Kyocera F-1200 via BS2,MVS,Box

    KYOF10U2 Kyocera F-1000 via BS2,Box.

    KYOF1200 Kyocera F-1200, F-1200S

    KYOF12I2 Kyocera F-1200 via BS2,MVS,Box

    KYOF12U2 Kyocera F-1200 via BS2,Box

    KYOFS150 Kyocera FS-1500 laser printer

    KYOFS15I KYO FS-1500/FS-3500 (MVS,Box)

    KYOFS15U KYO FS-1500/FS-3500 (BS2,Box)

    KYOFS170 Kyocera FS-1700 R4.5A+ONLY!

    KYOP2000 OBSOLETE: use POST2

    LB_AVE Avery label printer IBM850

    LB_CAB CAB label printer Latin-1

    LB_CV Carl Valentin Label Printer

    LB_DMX Datamax label printer I-class

    LB_IBM IBM 4400 label printer Latin-1

    LB_INT Intermec IPL label printer

    LB_PRI Printronix printer Latin-1

    LB_SAT SATO label printer PC 850

    LB_UBI Intermec label printer Latin-1

    LB_ZEB Zebra label printer IBM850

    LB_ZEB2 Zebra label printer Latin-1

    LEX4227P Lexmark 4227plus IBM Emul.

    LEXT622 Lexmark T622 R4.5A+ONLY!

    LEXUTF8 Lexmark PCL UTF-8

    LEXW820 Lexmark W820 R4.5A+ONLY!

    LX4039 Lexmark 4039/OPTRA series PCL

    LZEB2 Zebra label printer 203dpi

    LZEB3 Zebra label printer 300dpi

    LZEB6 Zebra label printer 600dpi

    LZEBS2 Zebra UC Swis721BT font 203dpi

    LZEBS3 Zebra UC Swis721BT font 300dpi

    LZEBS6 Zebra UC Swis721BT font 600dpi

    LZEBU2 Zebra Unicode ANDALE_x 203dpi

    LZEBU3 Zebra Unicode ANDALE_x 300dpi

    LZEBU6 Zebra Unicode ANDALE_x 600dpi

    MT2033 Mannesmann Tally T2033 IBM-PRO

    MT2045 Mannesmann Tally T2045 IBM-PRO

    MT600 Mannesmann Tally MT600 USASCII

    MT600GER Mannesmann Tally MT600 GERMAN

    MT600NDA Mannesmann Tally MT600 NOR/DAN

    MT6045 Mannesmann T.T6045 (MT660 Emu)

    MT691 Mannesmann T.T691 (MT660 Emu)

    NECP30 NEC P30/P20

    NECP72 NEC P72/P62 Pinwriter l.2 mode

    NECPW NEC Pinwriter 48-pin series

    OKI341 OKI Microline 3410 EPSON EMUL.

    OKI4350 OKI B4350 R4.5+

    OKI5400 OKI C5400 R4.5+

    OKI6100 OKI B6100 R4.5+

    OKI6300 OKI B6300 R4.5+

    OKI8300 OKI B8300 R4.5+

    OKI9500 OKI C9500 R4.5+

    PDF1 PDF ISO Latin-1 4.6D+


    POST2 PS lv.2 ISO Latin1 R4.5A+ONLY!

    POSTGRAP Postscript device for graphic



    S4440XTG SEL Alcatel 4440XT, GERMAN

    SAPCOMMF Simple SAPcomm Telefax

    SAPGOF Generic output format ASCII

    SAPGOF_E Generic output format EBCDIC

    SAPWIN Rel.4.x/SAPlpd 4.09+ ONLY!

    SAPWIN5 Rel 3.0E/SAPlpd 3.08 ISO-5

    SAPWINJP Obsolete device, use JPSAPWIN

    SCREEN SAPscript screen device type

    SH1DH000 SHARP MX-M350/M450 PCL

    SH1DJ000 SHARP MX-M550/M620/M700 PCL

    SH1DN000 SHARP MX Series PCL

    SH1HH000 SHARP MX-M350/M450 PS

    SH1HJ000 SHARP MX-M550/M620/M700 PS

    SH1HN000 SHARP MX Series PS

    SHJDH100 SHARP MX-M350/M450 PCL JP

    SHJDJ100 SHARP MX-M550/M620/M700 PCL JP


    SHJHH100 SHARP MX-M350/M450 PS JP

    SHJHJ100 SHARP MX-M550/M620/M700 PS JP

    SHJHN100 SHARP MX Series PS JP

    SI2200M2 SIEMENS 2200 Modell 2

    SML1451 SAMSUNG ML-1451N PCL5 4.6C+

    SML1451P SAMSUNG ML-1451N PS 4.5B+

    SML2551 SAMSUNG ML-2551N PCL5 4.6C+

    SML2551P SAMSUNG ML-2551N PS 4.5B+

    SNI20XX8 SNI 20XX-8 Laser Printer

    SNI4009 Siemens/Nixdorf 4009 (EPSON)

    SNI4010 Siemens/Nixdorf 4010 (EPSON)

    SNI4011 SNI 4011 24-pin (LQ850+ emul.)

    SNI9014 Siemens/Nixdorf 9014 (EPSON)

    SNIZD13 Siemens/Nixdorf ZD13

    SWIN Windows printing via SAPlpd

    SWINCF Casc.Fonts SAPWIN Unicode

    SWINCFC Casc.Fonts SAPWIN Unicode

    SWINCFK Casc.Fonts SAPWIN Unicode

    SWINCFT Casc.Fonts SAPWIN Unicode

    THESCP2 Thai Printer EPSON ESC/P2

    THPDF Thai PDF 4.6C+ (needs TTFfont)

    THSAPWIN MS-Windows-Printer via SAPLPD

    THSPOST Thai PostScript printing

    THSWINU MS-Windows-Printer , Thai (UC)





    TW5577 IBM5577

    TWHPLJ4 HP LaserJet PCL-5 Trad.Chinese

    TWLX522 Lexmark T522 Tradit. Chinese

    TWPDF PDF Converter Tradit. Chinese

    TWSAPWIN MS Windows driver via SAPLPD

    TWSPOST Taiwanese PostScript printing

    UCPLAIN SAPscript RDI (Unicode)

    WWIPS PostScript-Printer

    XDF SAP Smart Forms: XDF Ausgabe

    XFP XFP Ausgabe

    XSF SAP Smart Forms: XSF Ausgabe

    You can check the same in your system using tcode SPAD -> Device Types.

    Hope this answers your query.


    Deepak Kori

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