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Nov 22, 2011 at 08:31 AM

Error :Item 000020: delivery split due to conflicting header data (Function


Hi Gurus,

Issue :-

Item 000020: delivery split due to conflicting header data (Function SH: Address Indictr: D <-> E)

Message no. VL033


Item 000020 cannot be shipped in the same delivery with the other items in the document because the header data (Function SH: Address Indictr) is different. The Function SH: Address Indictr item field has the value E, but in the delivery checked for concatenation it has the value D.


2 line items(10 and nd 20) in the Order

I think that the VBPA-ADRDA(adress Indicator) is different for line item 10 and 20 and b'se of that delivery is splitting. But my question iswhy both the line items 10 and 20 , why the ADRDA is different?? and if it is different how to solve this problem to create a single delivery document??


To create a single delivery document


Mohit Singh