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Dec 21, 2016 at 08:32 AM

How to get response from Rest PI receiver adapter


Hi Friends,

My scenario is ECC(IDOC)-->PO 7.4--->REST API(WEB-PORTAL).

I have configured above scenario successfully and could call Rest service and post data without any issues. Now, the problem is though I post some wrong data it is showing with status code 200( successful) . It means, it is only checking whether REST URL was successfully reached or not.

manually, when I'm trying to simulate with some test data in the REST API's ... I 'm able to see the response with proper error log.

" product got created successfully", or " some id is not available for this product" .....

Now my concern is...How do I configure to get response from REST API and show it in PI logs.

Please guide from your experiences how to handle this.