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Nov 22, 2011 at 05:04 AM

Tax % value not calculating in TAXINN procedure


Hi Gurus,

I am facing problem related to tax amount calculation procedure using Taxinn .In PO while I am puting tax code tax rate in % is appearing but amount is not calculated in tax .I have maintaind condition record for JMOP in FV11 in Percentage with Tax code.

same tax code I am using in PO. % is appearing but amount is not flowing.e.g. BASB amount is 1000 so 10% JMOP shoub be 100.System is picking JMOP condition as 10%(maintained in FV11)

but this 100 is not calculated is not shwoing in the tax code in PO.

In Tax code we arenot being able to maintain any value against any condition type say JMOP (FTXP).

For your information we are using all standard.

Your answers will be rewarded.

Best Regards