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Nov 22, 2011 at 04:55 AM

Forward scheduling in production order with shift in work center


Hi Expert,

Please help me to give some solution for my requirement.

I have 2 requirements:

1. Production date in production order with forward scheduling.


I create production order where in operation, work center has working time from 07:30 - 07:30.

Let say, i input basic start date on 07.11.2011 with forward scheduling (assume lead time is 1 hour / pc).

quantity of production is 20 pc. i think schedule for production should be like below:

quantity 20

production start date 07.11.2011 07:30

production finish date 08.11.2011 03:30

In fact, scheduling in my production order will start on 06.12.2011 15:30 finish on 08.12.2011 05:00 (i think this is a bug in SAP).

If i change my allignment in my routing to 1 (allignment with earliest date), the schedule is right like my requirement. but if i change allignment to 2 (allighment with latest date, the schedule becode wrong again.

then, i already find sap note Note 906223 - Order start time moves by one day in forward scheduling.

But this sap note still not solved my problem.

2. Is it possible, that basic start time based on shift time if we use float before scheduling.

For example: if my shift is from 07:30 - 07:30.

and i create production order with forward scheduling.

which has production start date on 07.11.2011 07:30 with float before scheduling is 1 day.

my requirement for basic start date should be 06.11.2011 07:30 not 06.11.2011 00:00

Thank you for your assistance.

Best Regards,

Subandi Widjaya