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Former Member
Nov 21, 2011 at 10:56 PM

Command Line Parameters for Silent Install with Status for BI4.0 Products


For the XI3.1 product installations, which clearly leveraged MSIEXEC installation files, it was possible to use the /qb+ command line parameter to trigger a silent install which showed the progress of the installation with a final prompt to acknowledge the completion of the installation.

For the new BI4.0 installation package, it's not clear how to trigger a silent installation which also shows the installation progress. The installation guide describes using -q in the command line to run a silent installation, or leveraging a response.ini file to trigger a silent install, but in neither case does it show how to modify the silent installation command to enable a display of the installation progress.

Does anyone know the syntax, either command line or embedded in a response.ini file, to trigger a silent installation for the BI4.0 products which ALSO shows the progress of the installations?