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F110 debug - exit FEDI0003

My apologies in advance, as this topic has been posted before. I do realize that there are quite a few threads on this already on the forum, however most, if not all previous postings, don't list a definitive answer aside from 'Thanks, solved problem'. That being said, here is my question:

I am looking to be able to change values in IDoc PEXR2002 prior to the document being created.

I have done the following steps:

1. Create project in CMOD, and activated the following enhancements: FEDI0002 (EXIT_SAPLIEDP_101), FEDI0003 (EXIT_SAPLIEDP_002), FEDI0004 (EXIT_SAPLIEDP_902). Within the code of each exit, I have inserted 'BREAK-POINT' in each. I have even tried being more specific in my code by specifying segment name. All are exits are active.

2. Create entries in table 'FEDICUS' for message type PAYEXT, basic type PEXR2002, and listed all segments of that Idoc. It is my understanding that entries for selected segments must exist in this table in order for the user-exit to get called.

In running multiple payment runs via F110 (interactively), none of my break-points will activate. I have tried running F110 in background, as well as F110S in both foreground/background with the same results.

I have already checked notes 1248868 and 937966. Neither has helped resolve this issue for me.

Anyone else have any ideas or hopefully an answer?


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1 Answer

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    Nov 21, 2011 at 07:52 PM

    I can suggest something to analyse..

    These user exits are being called from include LIEDPF15 based on some conditions. Put a break point on these IF conditions and see when and how it triggers.



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    • Former Member Vishnu Tallapragada

      Thanks again for your input Vishnu and everyone.

      From what I have read in some SAP notes (note 1248868 to be exact) as well as other postings, it seems like some are saying EXIT_SAPLIEDP_002 is the correct exit to use, however you are saying EXIT_SAPLIEDP_902 is the correct one. To be thorough in my tests, I decided to place the same code in both of them and try it out. Here is what I put in:

      IF segment_name = 'E1EDKU3'.

      DATA ls_e1idku3 LIKE e1idku3.

      DATA: i TYPE i.

      DESCRIBE TABLE edidd_table LINES i.

      IF edidd_table-segnam = 'E1EDKU3'.

      ls_e1idku3 = edidd_table-sdata.

      IF ls_e1idku3-pairzawe = 'A'.

      ls_e1idku3-pairzawe = 'D'.

      edidd_table-sdata = ls_e1idku3.

      MODIFY edidd_table INDEX i.




      Essentially, I am trying to change the value for payment method from one value to another. I see the exit getting called when I set an external breakpoint at my top IF statement, however the underlying code gets skipped over, even though the condition has been met.

      Do you or anyone see any issues with my logic here?