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Former Member
Nov 21, 2011 at 07:10 PM

IDOC field segments


Hi all,

I am doing a EDI 850 to ORDERS03 IDOC mapping. I imported the structure of ORDERS03 IDOC from SAP into our third party mapping translator. Its has the fields

E2EDK01005 instead of E1EDK01

E2EDK14 instead of E1EDK14

E2EDK03 instaed of E1EDK03. I exceuted the mapping and i see the IDOC getting created in SAP with E1EDK01 and so on....

I went through the forums and came to know that 1 means outbound, 2 means inbound and the E2EDK01...are the definitions are as per the 45B release...

But i am still not clear why there happens to be a difference in the IDOC segment name that has been imported into the translatorVS the IDOC that is getting created in SAP. Should i assume that E2EDK01005 is the equivalent of E1EDK01 etc....

can some one help me undertsnad this segment name mismatch??

C Nathan