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Nov 21, 2011 at 02:44 PM

Tracking Causes for change in standard cost of material



I want to track all the materials whose standard cost changes when comparing previous and current periods, along with the reason for change in standard cost ( like BOM CHANGES, Routing Changes, labor cost change etc).

In Mm03, costing tab2 we have standard price for PREVIOUS & CURRENT PERIOD, based on that 2 periods, I written program that tracks all changes.

I will explain my problem with an example. I have a Material costing run for period 08/2011 & 09/2011 whose values are 100 & 200. In 08/2011, after costing is run, a BOM is changed. So When costing is run again in 09/2011, value is changed to 200 due to change of BOM.

Since my requirement to track the reasons for change of standard cost, I wrote program as taking both period as 08/2011 and 09/2011 and got all BOMs and routing during those 2 periods and compared BOM's, ROUTING ETC. But my program is not showing this material in my ALV o/p because, after my costing is run, bom is changes in period 08.2011 only and no further chnages at all. So while comparing 08/2011 and 09/2011 BOMs are same.

So, Instead comparing whole period 08/2011 and 09/2011, I want to compare the BOM and routings, from the day the costing is run for previos period to Current costing period run dat e i.e 10th aug, 2011 to 10th sep 2011 not 1st aug 2011 to 31st Oct 2011.

Current cost is stored in table MBEW, but not previous costing Date. I debugged MM03 many times, but still didnot find it.

Any suggestions .

Thanks in Advance