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Nov 21, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Tallying Trial Balance in BPC EVDRE


Hello Experts,

We are on SAP BO BPC 7.5 NW, SP07.

We have uploaded the Trial Balance directly from BI Infocube. In the transformation file, CREDITPOSITIVE=YES, therefore, in the backend BI signs remain as they are in SAP ECC but in EVDRE all credits (LEQ and INC) are positive, which is ok.

Now, when i run EVDRE for P/L items there is a balance is say INR 100 (FLOW=F_999) which is profit for the period. Similarly, when I run EVDRE for B/S items there is a balance of INR -100 (FLOW=F_999), therefore, overall TB balance is zero. When we upload data through BI, due to Default logic F_RES gets updated with INR -100. This is where the problem arises, if I see TB with F_999 and F_RES, I get a diff of INR -100. I am confused, if this correct. Kindly help remove my confusion. Secondly, should F_RES get updated with only I_NONE or with all Inter-company transations? I have commented I_NONE in the script logic below.

Thanks for all your help.

Below in my Default logic file


// Calculating 10080 - F_RES: Net income of the period in the balance sheet


// Information: [XDIM_MEMBERSET FLOW=<xx>] is mandatory in the default logic


// F_RES must be included in order to enable difference calculation





// Excludes flow F_RES and account 10080 from the source data region