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Nov 21, 2011 at 10:55 AM

Convert String into Date


Hello everbody,

first of all I have to admit that i'm not a specialist in SQL and SAP BO. Perhaps my question isn't that difficult as i think.

In my report I have a fix date as a string, e.g. "October 2012". I have the problem that I have to compare that date with another one to get the months between those dates.

I tried to tranform the string into a date format but I wasn't successful. So I started to get the month with the substr command in the formula editor:

Measure Name: String_Month

  =Substr([Replacement Date];1;Pos([Replacement Date];" ")-1) 

So the report gives me "October" back. In the next step I tried the month() function to convert the month string (October) into the month number. But that doesn't work.I get an error message that the data type is wrong, although I have a string.

Measure Name: Number_Month


So my question is, how can I convert the "October 2012" into a date?

Thanks for any suggestions.

regards Kai

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