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Former Member
Nov 21, 2011 at 10:24 AM

Deleting of message type after reseting of release strategy


Dear Team,

My requirement is when the PO is finally release and outputted to vendor, its relaese indicator is set to 'R'(i,e, Relaesed, no changes) . Now if for any reason i have to do some modification , I have to repeat the output via ME9F so as it seems that PO is again ready to output. Now using transaction 'ME28'', I will goto derelaese the the PO

Now I have the requirement, is there any way that just after dereleasing from ME28, the message type that I have added which allows me to reset the release, got deleted.

That when now i goto ME22N, for making the modification, their must not be any preconfigured message type and genereated when do any changes.

This is required to print the amendment in PO,

So please suggest if their is any modification or enhacement available to achieve the above