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Nov 21, 2011 at 10:02 AM

MSS Portal Personal Data iView Address Field showing wrong information



I'm currently working on a MSS portal project where the customer is using Personal Data iView to display an epmolyee's Date of Birth, Marital Status and Address. As i understand it, Personal Data iView is a standard iView delivered by SAP.

The issue here is that the Address field is not showing the address of an employee but the name of the selected employee. For instance, if the selected employee's name is George Washington, then the Personal Data iView shows the following information:

Date Of Birth: 12/14/1975

Mar. Status: Single

Address: Dr Washington George

The Address field displays the name of the selected employee with "Dr" title in front of it. How do i configure this iView so that it displays correct information?

Further, is it possible to add additional information to the Personal Data iView so that it display's different Addresses i.e. Address Type 1, Address Type 2 etc and if it is, how do i configure it?

I've tried to search for answers to my issue but was unable to find any. I've limited knowledge when it comes to HR related issues since it's not my field of experties hence making this issue more difficule for me to solve. Any help on this is much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.