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Nov 21, 2011 at 09:56 AM

Error "No alternative payer/payee defined" when reversing invoice via MIRO


Dear experts,

we have created an invoice via MIRO, but we need to reverse it. While we try to reverse it using MIRO, we get the following error:

"No alternative payer/payee defined"

We have reviewed possible causes of this error, as explained in several posts in this forum, that suggest the error is related to One TIme Vendor settings. However, we are not using One Time Vendor, neither we have alternative payers defined in the vendor master record.

The strange thisng for us is that we get no error while posting the invoice, but we get this error while trying to reverse it.

Any help is welcomed.

Thanks a lot in advence for your time and advise.

Kind regards.

Marcos Suárez