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Nov 21, 2011 at 09:50 AM

Serial Numbers in Inventory Management – Warehouse Managed storage location


Serial Numbers in Inventory Management u2013 Warehouse managed storage locations

We want to run inventory cycle at the warehouse for materials. These materials are u2018serial numberedu2019 in the material master. During the initial entry (say GR) of the materials, systems prompt for the serial numbers. At this point, system offers option of assignments of serial numbers automatically.

While running an inventory cycle for warehouse u2013 and posting difference at WM level (LI01), system is throwing error as u201Cmaintain serial number for totol quantityu201D. System does not promt me to enter the serial number for the materials (count) which are found excess/shortage duing the inventory cycle.

Is there any configuration where this scenario can be managed; system should prompt us to enter serial number while posting differenes at WM level (LI20).

The inventory cycle is -

1. Create Physical Inventory Documents - LI01N

2. Activate Physical Inventory Document - LI02N

3. Enter Count - LI11N

4. Post Differences at WM level - LI20

5. Post Differences at IM level(If Differences are posted at WM ) - LI21