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Nov 21, 2011 at 08:03 AM

Valuation Area & Release


Hi Mates,

I have recently encountered these doubts which I hadn't pondered or were oversighted....

1. In which cases Valuation Area at Company Code level not recommended/allowed? I'm using allowed to confirm if there are any instances when system will not allow C.Cd level usage. (Apart from regular discussion abt this topic) I want to know the precise crucial issues in this.

2. If I chose Plant as one of the criteria for PO Release Strategy along with other characteristics (POrg, Net Value, Document Type etc) , system will trigger release when all conditions met. But the case when I have different line items with differing plants will the Release Strategy Work? Is it really prudent to set Plant as one of the release criterion? Why and when do we need to chose Plant as one of the release charecteristic?

Pls rush your KT!!!