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Nov 21, 2011 at 03:49 AM

LSMW issues for Sch. Ageement (Transaction VA31)



I am trying for the first time to create a LSMW to upload the Scheduling agreement. Could you pl guide me as to how exactly we map the Ship-to-party and Sold-to-party in BVBPAKOM structure?

I know that we will need to use Partner Type Field i.e. PARVW , if so how can we have one field mapped to two different values i.e. SP and WE at header level?

Also did you do this in one step using this program RVINVB10? How did you manage multiple lines on the scheduling agreement ?

One more problem that I am encountering is that its giving a message Shipping condition '01' is not defined.

The file contains the Shipping condition as '01', however the transaction maintains the Shipping condition as 'STANDARD' against the value of '01'. How to solve them ??

Any input is greatly appreciated.