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Nov 20, 2011 at 06:04 PM

issue in transport Query


Hy expert, i'm unable to import a query in test environement.

here are the steps:

we made a copy of the production in test landscape. We had some query that were maintain only in production.

I've succussefully donwload the infoset and the query in dev landscape.

i made some changes in the infoset by adding new fields, i also change the output of the query.

I launched the RSAQR3TR report for the transport.

I released the change request, transported it successuffuly in test landscape.

i launched RSAQR3TR in test to import the query and infoset, insert the crr number, i allowed the overwritting, in the options i choose replace but i have this error:

Compare query C5_NEW /SM <-> InfoSet ZEQC : Field INST_SALES_REP missing

Compare query C5_NEW /SM <-> InfoSet ZEQC : Field CO_SALES_REP missing

Import for query C5_NEW /SM cancelled RC=08

('INST_SALES_REP, CO_SALES_REP) are the fields i have add in the devpt landscape.

did i miss something?