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Nov 20, 2011 at 05:37 AM

Bad Data When Activating ODS data


I have worked on SAP 11 years 3 as an ABAP developer and in the BW area for 8. It has frustrated me that SAP does not provide a way to view data in hex. That frustration has multiplied over the past week as we have tried to load high volumes of CO Actuals data and keep having to back out requests in ODS's to find invalid characters and fix them. The messages that SAP produces gives us the position however the hex display of the data in the error message cuts off before the position with the error. We put code in to catch bad characters using the valid characters for ALL_CAPITALS yet we still had a failure. So we were wanting to see the actual character. Can anyone tell me how to view PSA data in hex? This seems to be a simple function especially for someone who worked on the mainframe for 14 years and could turn hex on at any time.



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