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Nov 19, 2011 at 12:03 PM

Table Popin


I have a WD component which has a view that contains a table. I have a popin in the table for each row which also contains a table. When toggling the popin for each row, the values for the popin populate just fine. However, part of the requirement was to add an expand/collapse all button to toggle the popins for all rows at the same time.

I currently have a test case where the main table has three rows of data. The popin table has four columns providing additional detail for the main rows. When I toggle the expand/collapse all, all the popins toggle open just fine, but the one for the first row only populates the first column in the popin and not columns 2-4. However, for main rows 2 and 3 of the table, the popins populate all 4 columns just fine.

While debugging, the values for the first row's table popin are populating in the node just fine, but at some point it loses them and I can't figure out where.

I have a method on the component controller called Define_Details which populates the popin, and again when toggling the popins individually per row, the values are just fine.

I have a method on the view called Onaction_expandall for the button expand/collapse all which controls opening the popins and also loops through all the elements and calls the method from the component controller to populate the values.

I appreciate any insight and thoughts as to why when toggling the expand/collapse all button, the first row populates only the first column in the popin but not the other three while all other rows populate all four columns.

[ScreenShot of Component|]

Edited by: Roger Beach on Nov 19, 2011 1:05 PM