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Nov 19, 2011 at 01:28 AM

Integrating Adobe Flex in Visual Composer



I want to display a list in a tree structure and based on what was chosen on the structure, a detailed information of the item is displayed in a separate window. If you can imagine: left hand side is the tree structure and on the right is the detailed information.

I'm going to use Visual Composer to show the detail information and I did some research and it seems there's no way to set up so that a tree structure is shown if I use Visual Composer. So, now I'm thinking of using Adobe Flex for doing that.

My problem is now understanding how I can incorporate Adobe Flex during the design in Visual Composer and use eventing to pass on the information on what the user chose to the BAPI that will show the detailed information. I also found out that the Flex Server should be configured in the Visual Composer. Can anyone advice?

Also, does anyone know if modeling tree structure in Visual Composer is possible?

Thanks in advance.