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Nov 18, 2011 at 10:44 PM

SAP LSO - Integration with external LSO - Tracking external learning progre


Hi guys, I am having the following problem...

I have connected to an external LSO provider, and the tracking of the progress seems to work fine, the progress percentaje is updated as well as the access count and the initial date and las access date, even the Approved result shows in the portal. But the problem is that when the external provider sents as learn status the value '3' (which stands for Course followed up / completed / confirmed) nothing changes in the system.

Is this normal? Does somebody have to manually confirm the course for the participant in SAP LSO even though in the progress tracking interface (via XI) the external provider is telling SAP that the course is confirmed for that participant? Or even worse does the participant have to confirm the course both on the external system and the learner portal?

Thanks a lot for any information you guys can share from your experiences with integration with external LSO.

Best Regards,

Juan Daniel Riveros R.