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Nov 18, 2011 at 04:57 PM

Duplicates descvription in HIerarchy table


Here is the issue.

I am building hierarchy in hierarchy table where records which has same description (Duplicate) is not getting added under same Parent hierarchy node. code us unique for this records.

lev1>>Lev2>>lev3>>code ;description

A>>B>>C>>111; XYZ

A>>B>>C>>999; XYZ

Under parent node lev 3, code is unique but description is duplicate. Do we support such scenario?

My Data Model is u2013

I have below 2 fields in Hierarchy Table which is linked to Main Table

Table Display Unique

Code Text (50) Yes Yes

Description Text (50) Yes NO

I also tried with various other options like removing unique characteristics of both fields. Keeping only one display field that is description but result is same. My understanding is that itu2019s standard behavior of hierarchy field. Any expert comment on this?