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Nov 18, 2011 at 03:15 PM

Entry and Approval - Download Data to Excel


Hi Guys,

I´m putting data in Entry and Approval Interface and in a particular Metric I would like to download the Actual/Target informations to Excel.

When I clicked in "Dowload Excel", I got a prompt error information:

"Error Opening Excel. This can be caused by:

1 - Application is not installed in your machine

2 - Browser security dos not allow ActiveX scripts

3 - You were prompted to run ActiveX and you said No

If that is the case close all browser instances and reopen."

I´ve already fixed the ActiveX settings into IE Browser. I accessed the ActiveX settings and Enable all the prompts, accordin the SSM Configuration Guide.

I downloaded and Installed the Front End - Excel Add In in my client machine. I also installed this component into the server SSM machine.

What should be missing in my environment? Should I configure some additional steps before installed the Excel Add In?

The Excel Add In component, is responsable to enable the "Dowload Excel" step?

Best Regards,

Bruno Heissler