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Nov 17, 2011 at 03:06 PM

Shopping Cart Completion Workflow


Hi Workflow expert,

I am new to SRM and Workflow (SRM_SERVER 701 0004 SAPK-70104INSRMSRV).

I have follwoing requirement

On the event u2018Saveu2019 for object u2018BUS2121u2019 check if u201C0B_SC_XSTNVNDRLNTM Item exists without supplieru201D = u2018Trueu2019. If yes then:

Notify the users assigned to the purchasing group for processing of the shopping cart. Notification text: u201CShopping cart number u2018BUS2121-RequirementRequestEC.RequirementRequestu2019 with a total value of RequirementRequestEC.TotalValue & RequirementRequestEC.Currency belonging to product category RequirementRequestEC.MaterialGroup needs to be assigned a source. Please login to finalize the shopping cart as soon as possible.u201D.

When the source is assigned, notify u201C0V_SC_RQUSTONRUSRNAM Requester u2013 User IDu201D about which source was assigned including the vendor number and vendor name. The requester can then:

Approve: The shopping cart will then be released for approval workflow

Reject: The shopping cart will then be cancelled.

Request a different vendor: The shopping cart will be sent to the users assigned to the purchasing group for new processing including a comment describing why a different vendor is requested.

I created a one schema with following process level :

100 Approval with Completion ZEV_SC_SOURCING Shopping Cart Sourcing SC_RR_PURCHASING_GROUP

200 Approval ZEV_SC_EXP_APPROVAL Shopping Cart Expert Approval ZRR_EXPERT

999 Automatic (System User) 0EV999

When first level start and approver approve the shopping cart with sourcing, it directly goes to second process level for approval.