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Nov 17, 2011 at 01:00 PM

Revaluation of asset


Dear all,

We want to revalue the asset from 01.04.2011.The requirement of the client is as follows in the example.


On 01.04.2011 Gross value of asset 100.00

Less accumulated Dep. 70.00

Net book value 30.00

In our case we follow streight Line Method of dep. calculation i.e dep. is calculated on Gross value of asset.

Now there is a revaluation of the asset for Rs.20.00 & which is to be included in the asset as addition with a sub asset by passing a manual entry..So the asset value will become 30+20 =50.00.So dep. has to be calculated on Rs.50.00 as the Gross value from 01.04.2011.

also i have changed the base value key to 24 in multi level method of dep. key.& system calculate dep on Rs.50. for the month of april to Feb.-12 monthwise dep. is calculated on 50 only. but for the year it is calculating dep. on 100+20=120 & the balance dep. it is posting in the month of march. why the system is behaving like this.

Now also my doubt is whether the system can take the value Rs.50.00 as gross value & calculate dep on that value. from the year 2012 onwards if the same setting is maintained in the dep key .Pl. advice.