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Nov 16, 2011 at 09:16 AM

Posting Keys in FI Documents posted from SD


Hi gurus,

we have an issue when posing SD billing documents to FI.

We have configure our own Z billing documents with "SD document categ." set to "O" (Credit Memo) in the billing document type customizing "Control Data".

This billing document type is used to post credits to the customer accounts (Net value -) --> Issue comes when posting to FI --> Although in all our Z billing documents types "SD document categ" is set to "O" we have two scenarios:

Net value of billing document --> NEGATIVE

Scenario 1.

Customer account --> Posting Key 01 --> Invoice --> Posted with POSITIVE value

Income account --> Posting Key 50 --> Credit Entry --> Posted with NEGATIVE value

INCORRECT --> it is posted as a regular invoice (net value positive)

Scenario 2.

Customer account --> Posting Key 11 --> Credit Memo --> Posted with NEGATIVE value

Income account --> Posting Key 40 --> Debit Entry -->Posted with POSITIVE value

CORRECT --> Credits customer account --> debits income account.

What additional settings configure posting keys in accounting document posted in FI (type "RV") from SD??

Best regards,