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Nov 16, 2011 at 04:19 AM

Stock Posting does not tally with Journal Entry


Hi Mentors,

I currently trying to see the cause of a particular issue with the JE being created by Stock Posting.

After scavenging the forums, I came across SAP Note 1525960.


On creating Inventory Posting in locked Posting Period, system gives error message 'Period is

locked for new data [Message 131-107]'. Keep the window open, go to Posting Periods to

change the Period Status to 'Unlocked', and then click on 'Reconcile' again. Inventory Posting

is successfully added.

The Transaction Value in the Inventory Audit Report is correct. However the Debit / Credit

amounts in the Journal Entry of Inventory Posting are doubled.

The note was created in 2010, filed under SAP Business One 2007. I tried to replicate it, and it holds true for our system, which is currently 2004B.

When I tried to explain the SAP note to our accountant, she said that she did not encounter the error message, since she was the one controlling the period.

So my question is, if there any other factors that could influence the change in the posting of the JE such that the variance being posted in the JE is more than the actual amount(as verified against "Inventory Posting List" and OINM)?

Some facts about our Finance department's practices.

They enter the "Stock Posting" a month later.

E.G. Stock Posting for Oct2011 Stock Variance

System Date: Nov 16, 2011

Stock Posting - Posting Date: Oct 31, 2011

Thanks in advance!