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Nov 15, 2011 at 03:56 PM

After Trex Query the "areaAttributes" of items are NULL


Hi, I wrote a simple code to search items by Trex functions.

This is the code:

IQueryStatement queryStmt = theCatalog.getCatalog().createQueryStatement();

IFilter filter = cff.createAttrFuzzyValue("MY_CUSTOM_ATTR", myCustomAttr);

queryStmt.setStatement(filter, null, null);

IQuery query = theCatalog.getCatalog().createQuery(queryStmt);

WebCatItemList itemList = new WebCatItemList(theCatalog, query, true, true);

The items are found, but the relative areaAttributes is empty.

If I try this code:

ArrayList listItemsToTry = itemList.getItems();

Iterator myListIterator = listItemsToTry .iterator();

while (myListIterator .hasNext())


WebCatItem item = (WebCatItem) myListIterator .next();


The call item.getAreaAttributes() is NULL.

The attributes are correctly replicated, and the "catalog" object contains name, description and value of all attributes.

Anyone have some solutions about this issue? I need Trex query, but I need also the areaAttributes of item!

Thanks a lot in advance