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Nov 15, 2011 at 12:26 PM

Quality notification with multiple items.



In case of Returns sales order

Sales Order --> Quality Notification --> return Order.

Our customer is concered with the fact that he have to create 10 notifications and in turn 10 return orders for a sales order with 10 line items.

We all know, quality notification ( QM01) can have only one item number / maerial at a time.

We are trying to find out any of following possibilities.

1) Create Inividual notifications for each line item in one go using a BDC. Then Create Return order directly with referene to Sales Order, But in this case there is no connectivity of the Quality notification and the return order.

2) Can we configure Screen in the QM01, such that we can have more than one line items in to Quality notification and then pass it on to Return order.

( In debugging we have found out that the program SAPLQM00 can pass multiple Materials in the Return order )

3) Is it possible to create a single Return Order with refrence to Multiple Quality notifications?

4) Is it possible to create a return order and then link Quality notification to it?

Please advise how we can achive customers requirement. I am an SD consultant, so my knowledge of QM is limited.