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Former Member
Nov 15, 2011 at 10:18 AM

Change or delete the docflow link between two existing documents


Hi All,

Is there any FM or soulution to change the doc flow link between two documents .

For ex .. i have document A and document B , and created a doc flow link from A to B , Now i have to change the succeeding document to C

I have tried to modify the doc link ,but its not working using crm_order_maintain.I thought of deleting the link between A and B and then create a new link Between A and C , but deletion of link bewteen A and B is also not working.

I have checked with FMs CRM_DOC_FLOW_DELETE_CHECK_EC and CRM_DOC_FLOW_DELETE_EC, followed by CRM_ORDER_SAVE AND COMMIT . i could not find any exception from this FMs , but still the doc link is not deleted.

Pls share if you have any suggestions.