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Nov 15, 2011 at 08:29 AM

How to execute Request Download for specific entries


Hello Experts,

I am trying to bring some missing bank master data from ECC to CRM. For this purpose, I found that the relevant customizing adapter is DNL_CUST_BNKA. Now, I have defined a request in transaction R3AR2 with adapter as DNL_CUST_BNKA, Table name as "BNKA" and table field as "BANKL". In the field OPTION, i am selecting as "EQ Equality ( = LOW)" and then providing the particular bank master number which I want to bring to CRM. The filed "High" is kept as blank.

Now, when I run this request in R3AR4, What i see is that all the bank master entries are deleted except the one for which I created and executed the request.

I tried with various options in the field "Options" in the request but still not getting the required results. My requirement is to keep all the existing records in the bank master data and append the new entries selected in the request download.

I would also like to understand the meaning of different selections in the field "Options" in R3AR2 and there effect on the existing data in CRM.

Please help !