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Nov 15, 2011 at 05:27 AM

how to manage variable conversion factor in UOM to order unit



We have a material whose base unit is PC unit price is 8 Euro / PC

Order unit is Box now we do not have a standard conversion factor.

Means sometimes vendor send 8 pc/ Box ,10 pc /Box and 12 pc /Box

so when we create Material master and enter order unit as Box in purchasing view system ask for conversion rate

if we do not enter any the value in PC field its taking 1 Box =1 PC as default.

Example: Now while creating PO say we order for 10 box.(at this point we do not know exact conversion rate)

and in the conditions we maintain price against PC .system calculate.

Now when we receive the material then we actually know how much QTy we receive in SKU (PC) but that field is blur (no input) in 101 mvt type.

One more thing In MIGO we can enter the Qty in PO Price Unit say we enter 80 PC

system only creates stock value posting (80 * 8 =640 Euro ) but the stock qty in MMBE is still 10 piece ( from 1:1 conversion with box)

Please suggest how we can handle this variable conversion rate.

So that we can enter correct Qty in the time of GR ( MIGO ).

Thanks in advance.