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Nov 14, 2011 at 05:08 PM

Component as a configurable material KMAT?


Hello Gurus,

to be more clear with my question, I try to explain it by an example: A characteristic value assignment is made while busy with a sales order creation (VA01) for a configurable material SHOWER CUBICLE (material type KMAT). One of the characteristic is a Width/Height of a walls, so a value assignment of this characteristic can be 900/2000 for instant. After MRP execution, a BOM is exploded and all materials are determined by a super BOM. Every think is working out perfectly if a component u201CWALLu201D is managed by a class type 200. This means that there are defined beforehand all the material masters for each possible variants of component "WALL". In consequence a purchase requisition is generated for a specific material, in this example for a u201CWALL900X2000u201D.

My question is: To avoid to define and maintain the material masters for the variants, is it possible that I would define a component WALL as a configurable material KMAT? My tests show that a MRP can generate a purchase requisition for the material WALL (though it is KMAT), but without a value assignment taking over from a sales order. Very probably this is not a configuration issue, but I suppose I should use a user-exit or other functions to configure a component automatically? Which one?

Many thanks already in advance