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Nov 14, 2011 at 03:36 PM

Printing on Intermec using ipl300.xdc fails


Hi there,

I'm trying to print a form on an Intermec PM4i printer using adobe forms.

I have connected the system to the ADS (Netweaver 7.30) and maintained the mapping using report RSPO0022. Is it right, that there are no "IPL" print settings for Intermec? There are only PS, PCL, ZPL and PDF. Which one is the right one?

I have created an entry for device type "LB_INT" and "LB_UBI" and tried to print the form. Without sucess.

Begin trace

Adobe Document Services Mon Nov 14 16:14:09 CET 2011 Trace Results:

Using Versions:

ADS: 901.20110318071911.818281

XMLFM: 901.20110113045113.799041

PDFMM: 901.20100719183957.242989

Bedrock: 901.20091109035119.222301

Configuration Service: 901.20100312020139.654142

License Service: 901.20100129122819.635822

Font Manager: 901.20091205123514.225430

Trust Manager: 901.20091209021135.618954

String: rp.script.uri = sap/SAPPDFDocument.rps

Processing PDFDocument instructions

Locating stream: PDFDocument and loading into a DOM

Discovering requested operations

Parse template node


Source = Stream


Parse data node

Form Data (xml):

Source = Stream

Name = XFD

Parsing output node

Stream = PDLOut

URL = ipl300.xdc

Form Data (xml):

Document type = ps

Relevant = null

isPDF = false

pdfDynamic = null

packageType = null

Checking request semantics

Request initialization (including DOM construction and validation) processing elapsed time = 17 ms.

Begin operation: Render, elapsed time = 17 ms.

Getting a connection factory...

Factory for com.adobe~DataManagerService already exists.

Getting a connection...

Created a new reference to the DataManager

No custom config file found.

Using DIR_GLOBAL config file: xfa.xci

Config setup completed.

Form template and form license processing elapsed time = 70 ms.

Begin RenderAll CORBA call to XMLFormsModule elapsed time = 118 ms.

Initializing XMLForm processing elapsed time = 119 ms.

Getting a connection factory...

Factory for com.adobe~XMLFormService already exists.

Getting a connection...

Initialized XMLForm processing elapsed time = 121 ms.

End RenderAll CORBA call to XMLFormsModule elapsed time = 168 ms.

Render status: success

Returned PDF via stream: PDLOut

There is no jobprofile applied, so no final PdfDocument will be embedded.

End operation: Render, elapsed time = 199 ms.

Begin operation: Render Log, elapsed time = 199 ms.

XMLFM Render Log size in bytes: 0

Merging XMLFormManager Render Log with PDF

Completed data merge successfully.

Completed Importing Data elapsed time = 225 ms.

Merge result: Success

Successfully merged XMLFM Render log data into dataless log.pdf.

End operation: Render Log, elapsed time = 248 ms.

Embedding file/stream: pdfDocument.xml using ID: pdf doc MimeType: Description: Document Services Control Stream into

Embedding file/stream: TEMPLATE.xdp using ID: template0 MimeType: Description: Document Services Template into

Embedding file/stream: XFD.xml using ID: data MimeType: Description: Document Services Data into PDF:

Embedding file/stream: xfa.xci using ID: xci MimeType: Description: Document Services Config into PDF:

Embedding file/stream: ipl300.xdc using ID: xdc0 MimeType: Description: Document Services XDC into PDF:

Embedding file/stream: trace.txt using ID: trace string MimeType: Description: Document Services Trace into PDF:

Successfully rendered without using PDF caching.

End trace, total elapsed time = 596 ms.

Everything here seems to be OK. But it did not print anything. I think the rendering is ok and it is a formatting problem on the device type. It tells me the format of the spool request is "G_RAW".

I have already read other threads here without finding a solution.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated