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Dec 21, 2016 at 03:30 AM

RFC to JDBC interface Asynchronous - Storded procedure process


Hi Experts,

I want help to get it completed below very soon..

My Scenario is sender RFC and Receiver JDBC ..

1. how can i map from source to target for JDBC stored procudeure.

The DSKey table contains the item, customer ID and ShipTo values for every record in DSX. The SAPUpload contains sample data for now. The new fields are not yet populated in DSX and we can’t run real data until we have the on hand inventory, open orders and open receipts files finalized and RP fully implemented.

Two stored procedures have been written to update these tables.


jdbcc.jpg (85.4 kB)
jdbccc.jpg (141.2 kB)
jdbcccc.jpg (14.9 kB)