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Nov 14, 2011 at 09:44 AM

APO - Basic settings for setting up the system landscape



I have a, hopefully small, issue regarding setting up the system landscape for our APO - R/3 environment.

In our test system in R/3 I need to specify the APO release, which is not a problem. The issue I have in R/3 is when I try to save the new setting. The system asks for a workbench request even if the test system has been "opened" by the Basis resource.

I would like to avoid creating a workbench request as we are using an external tool ( HP PPM ) for transport management and I believe I will get into trouble since this workbench request should not be transported further into our production environment. As I have understood from our APO experts the settings must be maintained per R/3 system (development - test/quality - production) as it is pointing to corresponding systems in the APO landscape.

The question is, does anyone know how we can maintain these settings without any workbench request being created?

This is perhaps not a APO question, but I'm not sure in what other forum I should post it.

Thanks for any feedback 😊