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Nov 13, 2011 at 10:56 PM

SNP Orders converted to PP/DS Orders, but not exploding BOM



Our FG & the SFG below it are both set with "Immediate Planning" procedure (A) on the Product masters. So, at any time, when the planning situation changes, a plng file entry is generated, receipts are generated. Things work well, when Orders are created within the PP/DS planning horizon.

Issues with BOM not exploding & not creating the SFG Planned Order come up, when we convert SNP Planned Orders into PP/DS planned orders. I've had to set an additional step to the conversion job, where I run either a BOM re-explosion heuristic or run SNP Network Heuristic to get the Planned Order for the SFG created.

I'm thinking, system should automatically recognize (since Planning Procedure is set to Immediate) Dep Demands created @ the SFG level as a qualifying event & trigger Planned Ord creation, which ain't happening.

Any suggestions would be welcome.