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Nov 13, 2011 at 10:27 PM

Purchase Order created in ECC has an unwanted component


Hello All,

We use K-class line item component on the BOM in our process. APO selects the right component used on the Sales Order & puts it on the BOM of the sub-con Purchase Order. When Purchase Order is created in ECC, an unwanted component is

showing up.

The unwanted component, is one of the regular by-prod item appearing on another alternative BOM for the same material.

BOM for KMAT matl X -

Alt BOM # 1 -

Components A & B (A is the by-prod)

Alt BOM # 2 -

Dummy component for Costing & K-class line item used with Variant Configuration.

When we create a Purchase Order from APO (P Req converted into Purch Ord), we are getting the Comp A, instead of the Dummy component as the 2nd line item. The K-class item shows up as desired.

Is this is bug in std SAP, has anyone faced this before?