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Nov 12, 2011 at 10:34 AM

sub contracting scenario


Dear all,

Materials are sent to the vendor in a unit. Ex: X pieces (total Y kg) of a material is sent to the vendor. When the vendor returns the material after sub contracting they are sending back X pieces of material but the weight is around Z kg. So for Y-Z, let say 20 Kg, material loss the vendor is debited. i.e for 20 kg equivalent amount is deducted.

any suggestions of how to map this scenario in sap.

Also for this both units of measure are used(PIECES and KG). the scenario is something like this that the plant gives the materials in pieces and the vendor returns back the materials equivalent to kg value. how can we map this too?? can we use the logic of the base unit of measure and order unit where we maintain the converstion ratio.