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Nov 11, 2011 at 02:25 PM

overlapping time intervals of data record BI7.0 migration issue



I am getting the error overlapping time intervals of data record for 0HRPOSITION master data. I have to do migration from 3.5 to BI7.

Earlier the infopackage was there which used to update two data target 0HRPOSITION and PCOM_001. Infopackage is full load with selection condition on calendar month.(Actually it is extracting current month data)

Datasource is 0HR_PA_OS_1.

After migration to BI7, flow to PCOM_001 is working fine.

But 0HRPOSITION, after executing DTP it is throwing error "overlapping time intervals of data record".

In extractor for Position 50000312, I am getting two records for the same period.

My question here is before migration the laoding was fine but added records were 0 eventhough 9000 records are transfered.

But when after migration I am getting this error.

2. If I select handle duplicate record in DTP, Data is getting loaded but some 4000 records are getting added.

Please advice.Thanks in advance