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Former Member
Mar 30, 2005 at 09:18 PM

NiPeek returns -5 NIETIMEOUT


Sometimes when I do an orderly shutdown of my WebAS engine (from MMC, right-click J2E and choose STOP), then when I try to start it back up, the jcontrol.exe process stays yellow. When I check it's developer stack, it says "JControlMSReadMessage: NiPeek() returns -5 NIETIMEOUT.

Sometimes I can just try to start up the server a few times, and after few tries it manages to start up.

Today it seems that it will not startup. I hate to reinstall because that takes a LONG time, plus I since have installed JDI and I hate to lose all THAT install time as well.

Does anyone know what causes the NIETIMEOUT and how to avoid it?