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Nov 11, 2011 at 10:08 AM

IR autoposted to 4 SEs incorrectly.



We have VIM (vendor Invoice Management from open text), implemented. Thus all PO and NPO invoices are via the workflow method. Also, have external system, Easy procure for PR and PO orders/ management/ creation.


1. Indexing of IR is done for a particular PO.

2. Workitem comes to requisitioner's inbox and upon clicking on it, requistioner is taken to Easy procure screen to do the SE. Once SE is completed, if there is no price or quantity discrepancy, the IR gets autposted in the PO.


in the cases we have observed, the IR is getting auposted but it is getting posted to different SEs (different from what has been created by requisitioner). There is no manual intervention. The IR is posted status with an invoice verification block.

For example: IR is made for 80 GBP. SE is made for 80 GBP by requistioner. After completing SE, the IR is getting autoposted and in the line items are 4 different old SE totalling to 40 GBP.


a. How is the IR getting auposted when the balance does not match (albeit with a block)

b. How is it getting autoposted to SEs other than the one created for this particular IR?

Any inputs will be most welcome....