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Nov 11, 2011 at 08:50 AM

Termination workbench and Longterm Reimbursement- India



In termination workbench when i execute for an employee issue is coming ''wagetype not maintained, screen is coming with lines'' when we debugged found that when ever the wagetype is maintained for Long term reimbursement in V_T7INA9 as reimbursement the program is refering Compensation Area in flexible benifit plan (FBP-we have not implemented) and not allowing to execute the program.

But when i change the Long term reimbursement wage type in V_T&INA9 as allowance, i can use termination workbench program.

But i could not use IT 0589 and IT590 (Wt is changed from Rimbursement to allowance in V_T&INA9)

Kindly advise me how to fix the issue.

Note: We are using Standard program PC00_M40_TERM for termination workbench