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Nov 11, 2011 at 06:45 AM

SLD_UC and SLD_NUC registration problem in SAP PI 7.0 with Cluster setup


Hello Experts,

Recently we have installed SAP PI 7.0 Production system with *CLUSTER* knid of setup.We are facing problem while registering XI ABAP system in SLD.After executing RZ70,ABAP system is not getting registered in SLD.SLD_UC and SLD_NUC RFCs are working fine but then too we are getting SET_SLD_DATA not found.

Since its a cluster setup,there are 2 host names: Physical host name and Virtual host name

In RZ70 SLD Bridge information maintained is

Gatewat Host:LMPICI(Physical Host name)

Gateway service:50200

When i look into SLD>Administration->Data Suppliers,i found that all data suppliers thread are DOWN.They are not coming up.

I believe problem is due to multiple host name since we have cluster knid of setup.

Below is the error in SLD:

RFC server threads:

[DOWN] NUC:LMPICI_50200_SLD_NUC_2038770340

[DOWN] UC :LMPICI_50200_SLD_UC_1301700917

[DOWN] NUC:LMPICI_50200_SLD_NUC_2049072394

[DOWN] UC :LMPICI_50200_SLD_UC_575032567

Gateway Host: LMPICI

Gateway Port: 50200

[UP] BuilderDirector version 1.0.2

Updated SLDs:

http://cilxp:50200 sld/active

http://lmpici:50200 sld/active

(local) sld/active

Supported data types:




Generic (sldreg)

Last data received: J2EESystem at Fri Nov 11 06:37:34 IST 2011

Current data queue size: 0

Please advise if anybody has come across such kind of error in Cluster kind of setup.Its really very Urgent as we are going live in next 10 days.