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Nov 10, 2011 at 04:55 PM

Management Console not logging the BPCLog table


Hi guys. Hope you can help

We have a multi-server environment, built on Server 2008R2 64-bit (both Web/App and SQL servers).

Basically, BPC is working fine, but the Management Console is not logging anything to the BPCLog table in AppServer.

I have run through the normal ODBC logging setup:

Created a new SQL login (bpc_management_console_user), assigned a password, mapped as DBO on AppServer database.

Created a new System DSN on the Web/App Server named BPC_ManagementDSN and connected successfully using the above credentials.

Disable "Windows Authentication" and enable "Basic Authentication" in IIS 7 for the Management Console website

Run the APPCMD commands to enable ODBC logging on the Default Web Site

Output of "APPCMD LIST CONFIG "Default Web Site" /section:odbcLogging" is as follows:

  <odbcLogging dataSource="BPC_ManagementDSN" tableName="BPCLog" userName="bpc_management_console_user" password="{Blanked for obvious resons}" />

I've re-checked all of this and restarted IIS, but nothing at all is being written to BPCLog.

Has anyone any suggestions on things that I can try (I suspect it is down to running on Server 2008)

BTW - We run BPC 7.5 SP05